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DTF Gang Sheets

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File Name, 6 – 9.5”W x 7.9” H

File Name, 2 – 10”W x 8.3" H
File Name, 3 - 9.5"  x 9.5" 

File Name, 8 - 10" x 10"

File Name, 10 - 13" X 19 Gang Sheets

Product Details Printed with the highest quality inks, film, and TPU powder to give you the brightest whites and colors on any type, material, color, or stretchiness of garment. Together, our process and carefully chosen materials offer you heightened durability, impressive stretchability, and the ability to pass even the most demanding wash tests with flying colors. Every order is 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Template Requirements *PNG or PDF 300+DPI *DO NOT Mirror Images *Transparent backgrounds only *Expand all text to paths

Return Policy We are unable to offer returns or exchanges as all items are printed as orders come in with your special artwork. 

Shipping Most orders ship within 24-48hrs. (excluding weekends and Federal Holidays). We offer expedited shipping options at checkout.

Pressing Instructions Every Heat Press is different, temps and pressure are not always accurate or even so adjusting for your individual press is necessary. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY PRESSING ISSUES DUE TO INACCURATE TEMPERATURE OR PRESSURE. Your heat press should be at medium to firm pressure. For cotton and 50/50 blends 305-320F degrees, For synthetic or polyester fabrics 280-300F degrees. Prepress your garmeent for 6 to 8 seconds. Then press transfer to fabric for 12 to 15 seconds. Peel COLD! Second press for 6-8 seconds with parchment paper or teflon sheet

Design Requirements Don't Mirror Your Image Recommended file types: PDF or PNG with transparent background (at least 300 dpi) Check your line weights We recommend printing areas be at least .5 point thick for easy application. We recommend at least 1pt of negative space for non-printing areas. Details that fall under this recommended spec may not apply easily or at all. Please leave a .35 to .50 inches margin on left and right sides and .25-inches on top and bottom margins.  We do not remove backgrounds

Gang Sheet Option When submitting Gang Sheets, you may include as many images as can fit within the chosen sheet. It is advised to use scissors or a paper cutter to separate your designs, leaving a space of .25”-.5” between each design. Gang sheets offer several benefits, such as accommodating various sizes and placements, including full back and left chest, as well as enabling larger quantities of smaller designs, such as tagless labels.

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