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Transfers by Size

Imagine having vibrant full-color heat applied transfers that work like a charm on both light and dark garments. The best part? No more weeding or masking hassles! These magical transfers can be applied directly to cotton, cotton/poly blends, and even 100% polyester fabrics. And guess what? All you need is a trusty heat press – just press and let the magic unfold!

  1. Select your preferred sizes and quantities and add to cart

  2. Upload Images (This will Take You to "We Transfer" our upload site

  3. Leave Detailed Notes for the Designer 


File Name, 6 – 9.5”W x 7.9” H

File Name, 2 – 10”W x 8.3" H
File Name, 3 - 9.5"  x 9.5" 

File Name, 8 - 10" x 10"

File Name, 10 - 13" X 19 Gang Sheets